Refuse Collection and Removal in Aldershot - From Your Local Aldershot Refuse Experts

There may be many reasons you need to arrange a refuse removal service form Skip Hire Aldershot, ranging from messy tenants, a house clearance or even an untidy garden.

Although recycling the refuse Skip Hire Aldershot remove is more costly than simply dumping it, we are dedicated to helping protect our planet and currently recycling up to 90% of what we collect. All our staff at Skip Hire Aldershot have significant training in the waste removal industry, coupled with years of experience, making us a great company to chose to help in any waste removal project.


Competitive Rates for Refuse Collection and Removal in Aldershot and Hampshire

Skip Hire Aldershot appreciate how invasive it can feel having strangers come into your home, so, to ensure your peace of mind we carry out CRB checks on all our team members.

Skip Hire Aldershot offer regular and reliable refuse removal services direct from your property.


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If the refuse you need removed is household mixed or for recycling, Skip Hire Aldershot can arrange for a specific wheelie bin to be delivered to your home along with refuse bags.

Skip Hire Aldershot offer various sizes of wheelie bins depending upon your requirements, these can vary from 240 Litres right up to 1100 litres.

Skip Hire Aldershot appreciate that everyone's waste removal needs are different, so we aim to personalise our services to suit your requirements. Skip Hire Aldershot can offer tailor made programmes to suit our clients, altering the removal, storage, disposal and bin size to match your refuse requirements in Hampshire.

Skip Hire Aldershot offer our premier refuse collection service to both domestic and commercial customers, shaping our service to meet all your requirements. Following the collection of your refuse, Skip Hire Aldershot transport it to a specific recycling station to separate and sort each item into its appropriate recycling unit in Hampshire.

Skip Hire Aldershot Collect and Remove Refuse Across Hampshire

Currently Skip Hire Aldershot manage to recycle approximately 90% of what we collect from our refuse services, however we are always aiming to improve our standards to the 100% mark.

Once your order has been completed Skip Hire Aldershot will be able to book the next available slot to be removed, usually this is within days and sometime hours of order completion.

Compared with some of the other refuse collection companies on the market, Skip Hire Aldershot offer cost effective and competitive prices and have built an established, renowned reputation for customer care.

Contact Skip Hire Aldershot today on 01252 265087 or [email protected] to have a chat with one of our experienced and friendly advisors to assess the best possible option we are able to offer you.